Who is Steve Schroeder?

Steve Schroeder is highly motivated twenty year old college student

Where does Steve Schroeder Attend School?

Steve Schroeder attends Michigan State University

What is Steve Schroeder Studying?

Steve Schroeder is currently studying Telecommunication with a specialization in Information Technology and networking.

When does Steve Schroeder plan to Graduate?

Steve Schroeder is planning to graduate after the Fall '08 Semester

Why is Steve Schroeder telling you this?

On its most basic level, this website is being made to satisfy the requirements of the Web Portfolio project for TC 240, Intro to DMAT; however, it goes much deeper. This website serves as a professional portfolio of the skills, capabilities and accomplishemnts of Steve Schroeder.

Are you tired of hearing "Steve Schroeder"?

Yes, so is he, so if you want to learn more, just use the links to the right and prepare yourself to see things such as what he has done, what he is currently doing, and what he plans to do long into the future