12:55:34 -- 04.14.04
Pictures of the LPC ALL NIGHTER are online. Check them out. Pictures from Rachaels party, which is in process right now will be online later this week. As with pictures from Greg's ALL NIGHTER will be online soon too. Have fun. Keep fragging.
09:08:32 -- 04.13.04
At the conclusion of another All Nighter, I am satisfied. Good people, good games. Good times. SOF II and Q3 definately owned the LAN Party, and right now im doing a trial test of Halo on the fastest machines. I doubt its going to work, but its worth a shot. Pictures should be up later this week. Pictures of last nites event and the previous events.
18:47:12 -- 04.10.04
Unplanned LAN Parties are the best. Well not really, but they are fun. Just finished a 2 hours Quake 3 fest. We need to upgrade the video card on LP 6, and then it will be ready to rock. I updated the games section. Today i spent the morning and afternoon cleaning upstairs and hanging stuff in the LAN Room. Im going to be holding a raffle (random number drawing) for winners of prizes at monday's LAN Party. 4 give aways. You choose your prize. One t-shirt though, thats a seperate dealy. Not part of the raffle. Cant wait.
09:24:21 -- 04.09.04
This morning, the doorbell rang at about 9:00. I ipened the door, signed for three packages, and ran immediately upstairs and tore into them. nVidia sent us mouse pads, case badges, stickers, posters and a vinyl banner for the LAN room. ATI sent us big posters, small posters, and stickers. Im so excited to give some of this stuff away at mondays LAN Party. By the way, REGISTRATION IS FULL! This is the first time we have filled registration before the event. This one should be awesome.
18:36:42 -- 04.07.04
Poop. There was a technical hiccup at Bawls site, and therefore we will not be recieving any drinks for this event. Sorry guys. If i'd of known earlier, i would have sent in another request earlier. So just wait for about a month, and we will see what we can (or cant) do.
15:52:37 -- 04.06.04
nVidia has committed to sponsoring us! They are sending posters, case badges, and stickers. Two sponsors committed to the April 12-13 LAN Party. Look forward to winning prizes and getting freebies. Everyone will leave a winner, just some more so than others.
22:53:42 -- 04.05.04
YEHA! LAN Party 5.0 gets upgraded to the 1.3GHz standard. This is awesome. Now there are only 4 more computers that need upgrading, however i dont think that will be happening any time soon. I am so excited that we may finally be able to play quake 3. I gotta install that soon, preferably before this upcomming LAN Party. By the way, REGISTER, the seats are going slowly but surely.
15:15:58 -- 04.05.04
I came home from a particularly uneventful day at school, and i find two packages laying in the family room. From Corsair Memory. My mom said that i couldnt open them if they were addressed to my father. Ha they werent. Inside, there are two posters, a million and a half stickers and temporary tatoos, and some t-shirts. I may be giving those away at this LAN party to the first three registrars. Maybe top scorers. Maybe just randomly. YAY!
21:05:12 -- 04.04.04
w00t. LAN Party 8.0 finally gets an upgrade. We now have three computers running at 1.3GHz. Thats right, ONE POINT THREE GIGA HERTZ! This is impressive. Greg put it together himself, with instruction from the master of computer learning, Marvin Schroeder. There is one more 1.3 scheduled for instillation before the April 12th LAN Party. Awesomeness.
18:19:57 -- 04.03.04
Hmm... going through the pages i noticed several problems with some code here and grammar here, and spelling there. So i fixed it. So far so good on the site. It has recieved a positive comment from everyone, and it is definately better than the old version of the site. Fortunately, the transfer went pretty smoothly. Look forward to more updates. Pictures are still unavailable, however they will be up tomorrow evening.
15:30:23 -- 04.03.04
Well, last night, or this morning really, at 2am, the new version of LAN Party Central officiall went online. Look forward to new updates, better pictures, and more features. Currently, the photos section is the only section not available during the remodeling, however, it will be up later this weekend, so keep checking back. Also, look for an overhead map view in flash format of the LAN room which will show you who is positioned where in the LAN Room.

What is a LAN Party?
We are currently looking for sponsors to aid in our weekly LAN Parties. That is not to say sponsorship will be needed for every LAN Party, but anything is better than nothing. Please check out our sponsorship page for more information. Thanks.